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Why should you bet on bicycle races?

Football, hockey, tennis – all these sports are well known to betting fans. But what do you know about cycling betting? I think that many of you have never done them. Below we will tell you how to bet on cycling and win. Here is the list of famous bicycle races in the world.

Flanders Tour
One-day “classic” in Flemish region of Belgium. It was firstly held in 1913, the winner was the Belgian cyclist Paul Deman. The Flanders Tour is part of the five so-called Cycling Monuments – famous and revered classic races in the cycling calendar.
Tour starts in Bruges and finishes in Ninova. The length of the distance is 256.3 km. Thanks to its long history and challenging routes in the Ardennes (Flemish mountain range), it has become very popular with professionals. There are no long and protracted ascents like the Grand Tours, but the chain of western slopes, the Belgian mountains Bosberg, Kapelmur, Taayenberg and Oude Kvaremont are distinguished by very steep slopes. So the athletes have to give their best, squeeze everything out of themselves. And yes: a solid part of the route runs along cobblestones.

Vuelta Catalunya
Vuelta Catalunya is a professional multi-day road event that takes place in March along the roads of the Spanish autonomy of Catalonia of the same name. The leader of the stage wears a white jersey with green stripes.

Giro d’Italia
Giro d’Italia is a multi-day race, one of the three largest, along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta of Spain. It passes annually through Italy for 3 weeks – usually in May-June. Today the Giro is one of the most popular multi-day events in Europe. It has been held regularly since 1909 with short breaks during the First and Second World Wars.
Like other popular super-stage competitions (Vuelta and Tour de France), the Giro d’Italia is a spectacular and extraordinary event for cycling amateurs all over the planet. One of the most popular among those who bet.

Milan – San Remo
Milan – San Remo is a classic one-day road race held annually from Milan to San Remo in northwestern Italy. With a length of alsmost 300 km, it is the most stretched out pro 1 day race in cycling. This is first huge event of the year and takes place on the Saturday in March. It is one of the 5 Cycling Monuments.
Milan – San Remo is a sprint classic because of mostly flat route, while another Italian one, the Giro di Lombardia, which occurs in autumn, is an all time mountain classic.

Giro Di Lombardia
Giro di Lombardia is an annual classic one-day competition that takes place in Italian Lombardy. A special feature of this event is the Ghisallo Pass – 754 m above sea level, at the top of which is the Church of Madonna Ghisallo – patroness of cyclists. Giro Di Lombardi traditionally closes the year in pro cycling, and is known as “the classic of fallen leaves.”

Tour de France
The tour does not need advertising. One of the 3 most prestigious stage races (together with Giro d’Italia and Vuelta Ipsania) in world. Winning the Tour is considered the ultimate achievement in cycling. The competition has been held since 1903 and was interrupted only from 1915 to 1918 – due to the First World War and from 1940 to 1946 – due to the Second World War. The tour is a multi-day trip that lasts for 3 weeks in July through the territory of France and neighboring lands: Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg. The best event to bet on.

Is it worth trying?

Cycling bets are undeservedly deprived of popularity in bookmakers, because they can be profitable. This will require a thorough analysis, a suitable bookmaker with competitive quotes and a little luck. It’s also worth using our cycling betting tips.